Scarlett Johansson Interracial Sex Tape

Do not let the screencap for the video above fool you, A-list heathen Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is not taking a massive dump, but rather she appears to be starring in her first interracial anal sex tape.

Of course Scarlett Johansson getting her anus hole AIDS-ed by a big black cock has been a long time coming, for like all elitist white liberal women she sees laying with a depraved dirt skin as a rite of passage into the realm of extreme virtue signaling of what an open and accepting person she is.

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As you can see from the photo above, this video appears to have been filmed 10 years ago when Scarlett had brown hair, as well as a somewhat youthful appearance. During that period she was seen getting cozy with fellow shitty actor Samuel L. Jackson, so he is probably the token in her tuchus in this sex tape. Since that time Samuel and Scarlett have continued to work with one another in “The Avengers” movie franchise, and no doubt filmed a few more of these backdoor blacking sessions.