Miley Cyrus Posts A Bikini Dance Video

Miley Cyrus just posted the bikini dance video above to her Instagram.

It is obvious by the way that Miley is seductively gyrating her hips and sticking out her tight ass in this video that she is looking for a good hard revenge fuck after seeing the photo below of her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger hooking up with some nearly naked slut while on Spring Break in Cabo.

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Whether Miley Cyrus is upset about Patrick being with this girl, or the fact that he is wearing that stupid hat and has a pathetically small patchy beard is still unclear. However, what is clear is that if Miley truly wants to piss her boyfriend off then she should get her lady holes pillaged by a virile Muslim man. For once a Muslim’s enormous manhood has stretched Miley’s orifices, Patrick will feel nothing but great shame as his tiny pecker fails to experience even the tiniest bit of friction in Miley’s banged out cavernous cocked cave.