Kate Mara’s Graphic X-Rated Sex Video

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Kate Mara performs numerous degrading sex acts in the exclusive never-before-seen graphic sex video below.

Believe it or not Kate Mara comes from quite a bit of wealth, as her family co-owns both the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football teams, which have a combined estimated net worth of over 20 billion dollars.

Despite Kate’s blue blooded background she could not repress her inner sinful nature, and against her family’s wishes she pursued the low art of acting like a commoner. Of course not happy with just dragging her family name through the mud in the entertainment industry, Kate Mara has now done porn in the video below to sully her family’s legacy once and for all.

As you can see in this video, all of Kate’s years spent attending the best private boarding schools have really paid off, as she maintains her composure and enunciates perfectly while squeaking and moaning like a little whore. Still, I don’t know how her father Wellington Mara III is going to show his face at the yacht club now that his daughter’s scandalous sex video has come out. Perhaps he can consult with Paris Hilton’s father Conrad to discern the proper etiquette for dealing with such unpleasantness.